Why Influencers Should Be Part of Your PR Plan

In today’s digital age it’s nearly impossible to catch the attention of your desired customer without very targeted ads or a household name. Influencers are changing that game. PR agencies are now sending their products to influential social media accounts or bloggers for review and to be shown or talked about on their platform. These influencers are very likable and trustworthy – making them the ideal person to be talking about your product.

Earned Media is More Trustworthy

Nielsen discovered that 92% of people are more trusting of earned media than any other form of advertising and the use of influencers is helping skyrocket that number. Influencer marketing largely focuses on building awareness around a brand, and that initial contact with the brand comes best from a trusted source. However, consumers from all areas of the purchase journey come into contact with influencers, and that is why brands can indirectly influence their purchasing decision and shorten the sales cycle. Customers are searching constantly for value in their daily social media interactions, and being able to communicate that value through a trusted influencer with relevant solutions will be what shortens your sales cycle.

Social Networks Influence Buying Decisions

According to the ODM Group, 74% of customers rely on social networks to make purchasing decisions. An influencer’s reach is through social media, and their network is much larger than your company’s own. The social networks were born to connect people around the world, and the base of that began with family and friends. Seeing product placements in line with a customer’s social media feed helps to familiarize the customer with the product in a more organic environment. Traditional advertisements no longer catch the eye of consumers, they know the game and are hitting ‘ignore’. When a product is introduced to them by someone they trust in an environment they are familiar with, they are more inclined to make a purchase.

Influencers Build Good, Loyal Networks

Influencers are good at building their social networks based on good product or service recommendations and interacting with their followers. This increases loyalty from their followers, along with increased trustworthiness and influence. Working with an established influencer in your industry could be very beneficial because of that strong loyalty and trust. Earned media is one of the most powerful marketing tools, and by receiving positive points from large influencers, your brand awareness will grow.

Why Influencers Should Be Part of Your PR Plan

3 Reasons to Become Inbound Marketing Certified

Within my first month here at AGPR, I completed my Inbound Marketing Certification with Hubspot, and I learned so much from the experience. As a Strategic Communications major at KU’s School of Journalism, I’ve had my fair share of experience with marketing and communications. However, my schooling hasn’t focused on this real life application and examples that this program taught me and after having received the certification, I’d recommend it to everyone.

The Certification Can Be Shown on Many Platforms

Hubspot truly understands that part of their course’s value is the ability to have your certification shown on various platforms. I have my certification on my LinkedIn page, my email signature, and my professional website. They offer a code for your certification badge to be placed wherever you’d like it in order to further show your education and value as a candidate or employee. I really like this feature, as it highlights the work I put in and the knowledge I have.

Public Relations and Marketing are Merging

With the rise of social media, the lines between public relations and marketing have blurred. PR has typically been a method of building relationships with the publics, whereas marketing has communicated value about a product or service. Social media provides a platform where people can be interactive and communicate value about their brand, but PR gurus are using the platforms to build brand awareness and share valuable information. These tactics are especially beneficial to small business owners looking to reach the masses or hashtag their way to become a household name.

Online content outside of social media is also growing. Influencers in the blogging world are sharing some of the top products and brands out there and giving those companies many new and returning customers. These blog posts can be either PR or marketing-based depending on the content in the post. When the blog post is focused on selling the reader the product, the company is using a marketing strategy and when the text is simply providing information about a company, they are using a PR strategy.

Buyer Personas Are a Key Way to Getting Customers

Buyer personas have typically been a tactic used by marketing professionals, but by applying them to your PR agency you can have a sure-fire way to understanding the customer’s mindset and can plan your PR efforts around their needs and wants. Creating a buyer persona and applying their needs and wants to a blog or social media post is a great way to attract the customer to your website and generate leads. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great way to attract new customers to your site, but your content is what will generate visitors into leads and leads into customers. Focus on what your customer is needing from your agency and draft blog posts centered around what they would be searching for.

The course may seem daunting at its almost 5-hour length, but the information you gain is worth the 36 video series. I know that I’ve already applied a lot of what I’ve learned while working here at AGPR and will continue to use my knowledge in my future endeavors.

3 Reasons to Become Inbound Marketing Certified

Aurora Land Consulting Expands With An Environmental Division

Aurora Land Consulting marks its 20th year with an expansion into an environmental division

For immediate release – July 1, 2017


Aurora Land Consulting is pleased to announce the launch of its new Environmental Division and partnership, beginning July 1, 2017. The partnership brings in new president of the division Sean Fuller, and vice-president Meridith Ball to join continuing Aurora president, Shane Nordin. Aurora Land Consulting is pioneering the environmental services sector, and senior staff could not be more proud of this emerging leadership team.

The new division offers an exceptional, full suite of environmental services that will ultimately save clients’ time and money through efficiencies and an experienced team. Aurora Land Consulting’s reputation for an unwavering commitment to excellence is embodied by the leadership of its new environmental services team, Sean Fuller and Meridith Ball.

In today’s economic environment, Aurora has creatively examined what additional value it can provide for clients that will create efficiencies and cost savings. Adding this comprehensive service for customers instead of outsourcing environmental services creates new efficiency and an enhanced working relationship between Aurora and its clients.

Spanning two decades, Aurora Land Consulting has worked with numerous entities, including Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, Alberta Environment, and Alberta Land Titles.

President Sean Fuller has twenty years of oil and gas industry experience and thirteen years of environmental and executive management under his belt along with expertise in reclamation, remediation, environmental planning, environmental compliance, permitting, and drilling waste management. He has overseen environmental programs ranging in size from small single well cleanups to large scale reclamation, remediation drilling waste and environmental planning programs. The University of Alberta alumnus also brings a strong business development and existing client relations portfolio to the table.

He has overseen up to 180 staff members conducting reclamation, remediation, drilling waste and environmental planning activities encompassing all land uses throughout Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Fuller also has experience with reclamation application, arbitration hearings, and surface rights board hearings participating on behalf of the client and addressing landowner concerns.

Some of his key projects throughout Alberta have been with Devon Canada, NAL Resources, Enbridge and ATCO, Crescent Point, Husky, Terrado, Pembina, and CNRL.

Vice President Meridith Ball, is a Professional Agrologist who spent 15 years at Husky Energy Inc., leading a range of teams from four to 400. She has successfully delivered projects on time and under budget using innovative thinking. Meridith has experience developing and implementing many best management practices from Operational Integrity and Environmental Management, Incident Response, Soil Handling and Vegetation and Clubroot Management.

Career achievements include the successful application and receipt of more than 700 reclamation certificates in one year to managing an abandonment, decommissioning, remediation and reclamation budget of $113 million. She was also responsible for developing, managing and executing Husky’s annual environmental auditing program and spill response procedures and program in Southern Saskatchewan.

Prior to Husky, Ball had a variety of consulting experience including Pre-Disturbance site assessments (Federal and Provincial Crown) and pipeline route planning, Conservation and Reclamation Plans, Detailed Site Assessments, Phase I, II and III Environmental Assessments, Environmental Risk Assessments and Acquisition and Divestiture reviews as well as completing assessments under CEAA for successful seismic and upstream oil and gas project approvals.

Other previous projects include the demolition of the grain elevators in Provost Alberta, Post Construction assessment, and mitigation for a pipeline paralleling the Trans-Canada Highway between Calgary and Banff and reclamation of a well site in permafrost on Plateau Mountain in Kananaskis Country.

Over the past twenty years, Aurora Land Consulting also has supported many local and national charities that help others and foster healthy and sustainable communities. Some of these events and charities include CIBC Run for the Cure, Boys and Girls Club, Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, Boyle McCauley Health Centre, Hay Lakes Preschool Program, Northern Haven Support Society, Santa’s Anonymous, local 4H clubs, Canadian Cancer Society’s Jail-N-Bail, Kindred Hearts for Cambodia, and local sports teams. It will continue its efforts to be a strong community partner throughout the areas it serves.

Aurora Land Consulting Expands With An Environmental Division